RangeVision PRO

Reverse Engineering RangeVision PRO

RangeVision PRO is the first Russian 3D scanner approved by the Federal Agency for Technical Resolution and Metrology as a type of measuring instrument. Reverse Engineering Technology.

The highest detail and accuracy of 3D models are provided by structured illumination technology, cameras for technical vision with a resolution of 6MP and original data processing algorithms. The PRO’s ability to set up three different scan areas allows you to digitize both miniature (less than 3 cm) and large (1m or more) objects with a consistently high resolution.

RangeVision PRO 3D Scanner

Reverse Engineering Rangevision PRO Technical Specification

Projector ResolutionFull HDFull HDFull HD
Camera Resolution6.4MP6.4MP6.4MP
Scanning areasLMS
Working distance, m0.90.520.35
Zone size, mm550x340x360320x210x200140x90x80
3D resolution, mm0.180.100.04
Accuracy, mm0.060.030.018
Limits of permissible absolute
measurement error, μm + –
ProX 800 3D Printer Brochure