The adaptive manufacturing platform that
connects part design, production, and inspection
with a powerful AI.

Breakthrough adaptive manufacturing technology will significantly cut waste and accelerate time to market.

Closed Loop Fabrication

Closed Loop Fabrication

Blacksmith will enable Markforged 3D printers to account for key variables that can affect a part through closed loop processing – changing how future parts are printed based on scans of previous prints.

Fleet Insights in Every Print

Fleet Insights in Every Print

As Blacksmith leverages federated learning with Markforged’s large fleet of connected 3D printers. Manufacturers will be able to print the right part every time bringing resiliency and agility to their supply chains.

Broad Integrations

Broad Integrations

Adaptive manufacturing technology will expand beyond the X7, enabling corrective actions from Metal and Composite printers.

Blacksmith for X7, available today, marks the first step on the journey toward the future of adaptive manufacturing.

How Blacksmith for X7 Works

1. Calibrate Machine

The onboard laser micrometer scans an OEM certified artifact to field calibrate the X7, enabling software augmented printer consistency and scan accuracy.

2. Print & Scan Part

As you slice a part, Eiger’s patented intelligent scanning algorithm creates an integrated scan toolpath. The X7 scans the part while printing and creates a point cloud of dimensional data.

3. Analyze Data

Blacksmith compares the point cloud measured during printing to the design file, generating a detailed error field for the part and overlaying it on the initial STL.

4. Generate Report

Eiger presents this error field in an easily parsable online report. Using these tools, you can set tolerance limits, compare different prints of the same part, and browse a centralized scan library of print quality data.

Blacksmith for X7 Benefits

Trust Your Parts Off the Print Bed

Get known good parts at the point of fabrication. Generate, compare, and automatically store quality reports for any part printed with Blacksmith.

Accessible and Integrated Workflow

Integrate regular part inspection into your additive workflow with a single click. No specialized training or complicated inspection equipment needed.

Increase Fleet Conformity

Print consistent, predictable parts across a global fleet. Remove any headaches about part variability.

Meet the X7

The industrial 3D printer for many kinds of functional parts.

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