Markforged 3d Printers

Markforged X7 – The turnkey industrial carbon fiber 3D printer for every type of functional part.

Industrial 3D Printer

Carbon Fiber Strength

The X7 3D prints Continuous Carbon Fiber reinforced parts in hours that are as strong as — and capable of replacing — machined aluminum.

Markforged X7 3D Printer
Markforged X7 3D Printer

CRown gear a enduse part, printed with Onyx, Continuous Carbon Fiber

Functional Parts of All Types

Whatever your functional requirements are — flame resistant, chemical resistant, energy absorbent, high resolution, draft parts — the X7 has an industrial material or print mode capable of fabricating a functional part for you.

About X7 Industrial 3D Printer

Precision-machined hardware, advanced sensors, and unique software drive industry leading accuracy and reliability. Only Markforged industrial carbon fiber 3D printers offer micron-level laser scanning for closed-loop calibration, reliably yielding parts with 50 μm repeatability and industry-leading surface finish.

Markforged X7 3D Printer


Print technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Continuous Fibre Fabrication (CFF)
Model X7
Markforged X7 dimensions 584mm (w) x 483mm (d) x 914mm (h)
23” (w) x 19” (d) x 36″ (h)
Max build volume 330mm (w) x 270mm (d) x 200mm (h)
13.0” (w) x 10.6” (l) x 7.9” (h)
Weight 48kg
Z axis print resolution 100 microns default
50 microns minimum
Print bed Kinematic coupling. Flat to within 80 microns
Laser In Process Inspection, Bed Levelling, Active Print Calibration
Power 100-240v AC, 150W (2A peak)
Infill Closed cell infill: multiple geometries available
Supplied Software Markforged Eiger
Cloud Storage, Local Storage
Software is cloud based, requires Internet for use via Google Chrome browser
Fully On-Premise is available (additional fee)
Software Blacksmith – Adaptive manufacturing platform (additional purchase required)
Software security Two Factor Authorisation, Organisation Admin Access, Single Sign On
Printer connectivity Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Stick
Design file input STL

*Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.

Compatible Material

Onyx Onyx ESDNEW Onyx FR Nylon Carbon Fiber Fiberglass Aramid Fiber (Kevlar®) HSHT Fiberglass
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