Ceramic 3D Printer

XJet SMART – Support Material Automatic Removal Technology


XJet’s SMART (Support Material Automatic Removal Technology) station automates the post-printing removal of soluble support materials from ceramic parts printed by XJet’s Carmel C line of AM systems. With its advanced algorithms and design, SMART features a selection of user-friendly automated support removal programs with differing water levels and flow rates optimized for the specific job. SMART ensures a repeatable high-yield process that significantly reduces cleaning time and costs while eliminating the need for expert operators.

SMART builds upon the advantages of XJet’s proprietary NanoParticle Jetting™ (NPJ) technology, which empowers the manufacturing of detailed high-quality parts with virtually unlimited geometries. This groundbreaking material jetting technology enables simultaneously jetting of a build material and a different soluble support material, which dissolves easily from the printed part.

XJET Smart

Preliminary System Specifications

Physical Dimensions
cm: 90 w x 150 h x 90 d
in: 35.5 w x 59 h x 35.5 d
Weight (empty) kg: 100
lb: 220
Power Supply 220/110 volt
Tray Size Compatible to Carmel 1400
Water Drainage 45 liter per minute
Network (optional) Cat6 cable and static IP connection at 10/100/1000 MB
Water Supply Infrastructure Not included with SMART
Reverse Osmosis 250 or 500 liter per hour flow rate system
Water Heater 5 liter per minute in 30 °C / 86 °F