White Paper – New Levels of Speed, Quality and Affordability

Fig4 White Paper

Figure 4 Standalone 3D printer delivers industry leading surface quality, accuracy and repeatability at ultra-fast speed

The next chapter in additive technology is written by Figure 4 technology – a manufacturing solution using non-contact membrane, state-of-the-art plastic resins, and a light-based UV curing process that takes minutes versus hours as with heat-based curing processes.

The non-contact membrane enables constant print rates regardless of how many parts are being printed – allowing Figure 4 Standalone to achieve a new print speed benchmark in the 3D printing industry.

Figure 4 Standalone is the affordable and versatile solution for low volume production and ultra-fast prototyping.

Download now and discover how to revolutionize direct production of 3D printed parts with speed, repeatability and affordability, and understand how Figure 4 technology enables:

  • Superior final parts
  • Ultra-fast speed enabling go to market faster
  • Low Total Cost of Operation
  • Consistent and accurate levels of repeatability
  • Scalability – enabling 10,000 parts in 11 days
  • Versatility via the wide range of material options available

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Figure 4: White Paper – New Levels of Speed, Quality and Affordability