Medical 3D Printer

Explore how CJP Technology is Revolutionizing Pre-Surgical Planning!

See how ColorJet 3d Printer contributes to Saving Lives with improved surgical outcomes and patient care

Visualization: Visualize and understand with spatial relationships in complex anatomical structures more effectively in Colorful 3D models than traditional 2D images and make more informed decisions during the planning phase.

Communication: Enhance patient consultation and communication between surgical teams with Colorful 3D prints.

Surgical Rehearsal: Create anatomically accurate patient specific replicas for pre-operative rehearsals including simulation of procedure, identifying potential challenges, and plan the surgical approach in advance reducing the risk of errors.

Customization: Input patient-specific imaging data, such as CT scans or MRI scans, into specialized software and convert the data into a 3D printable file and produce precise replicas that accurately represent the patient’s unique anatomy.

Educational and Training Purposes: Surgeons in training can gain hands-on experience by studying these models and practicing surgical techniques before operating on actual patients. The vivid and detailed nature of the models enhances the learning process and aids in skill development.

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