RangeVision NEO

Reverse Engineering RangeVision NEO

RangeVision NEO is a reliable and easy-to-use entry-level 3D scanner. NEO allows you to obtain detailed color 3D models and supports scanning modes with automatic alignment of fragments by markers, on a turntable and by object geometry. Reverse Engineering Technology.

The packege includes everything you need to start 3D scanning and quickly obtain high-quality 3D models: an automatic turntable, a tripod, RangeVision ScanCenter NG software and protective case for storing and transporting all scanner elements. NEO connects to a computer via a USB 3.0 port, does not require external power, has 2MP color cameras and weights just 1 kg

Main Advantages

  • Detailed color 3D models
  • Free software updates and 2 years warranty
  • Turntable, tripod and travel case
RangeVision 3D Scanner



Reverse engineering


Industrial and hobbyist 3D printing


Educational process


3D modeling


Digitization of exhibitions and collections



Reverse Engineering RangeVision NEO Technical Specification

Scan area 200x150x150 mm
Dimensions of scanned objects 3 cm – 1.2 m
Accuracy 0.05mm
3D resolution 0.13 mm
Camera Resolution 200x150x150 mm
Case size 430x380x155 mm, 5.5 kg
Automated rotary table 20 cm
Maximum load 20 Kg
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