Plastic Shredder Hybrid

Introducing the most innovative autonomous plastic shredder. A modular dual-part system with an intelligent interactive display allows you to tailor material settings for 10x speed performance. As a result, the GP20 is a total powerhouse – both powerful and precise.

Plastic Shredder

Modular Design

An all-new modular design that allows you to personalize your set-up to focus on what you really need. The functionality of the GP20 Shredder Hybrid gives you the freedom and flexibility to fit it into any project within any industry.

Intelligent Settings

As the user, you’re able to tailor the GP20’s settings specifically to your needs. Several sensors work together to automate many previously manual operations, including:

  • Autonomous troubleshooting
    ‒Automatic reverse mode
  • Smart Motor Load
  • Smart Material Input
    ‒ Controls feeding belt dosing
  • Temperature control – prevents material melting

Customizable Components

Next to the modular design and automated settings, individual components can be modified to best suit your needs. With the GP20, there are no limitations/limits. Whether you choose to modify your shredder blades or customize your filter screen size, you’ll always get the best outcome from any polymer.

Enhanced Safety

Following industry standards and safety protocols, the hopper design prevents any direct access to harmful components. Our CE certified GP20 will give you the best experience while keeping you safe.

Plastic Shredder
Plastic Shredder

Easy To Clean

Thoroughness is key in the design to make sure you can remove every single particle. The components that collect these tiny particles are easily accessible and removable to clean out any debris and prevent any contamination to your regrinds. Cut down on time spent cleaning and use it on shredding.

More Flexibility

More Autonomy

More Precision

More Safety

R&D – Production

Bridging The Gap

Following the needs of a market that is constantly evolving, more and more companies want to innovate faster by relying on in-house tools – taking full control over their entire project from R&D to small-scale production.

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Plastic Shredder