-Light at the end of the tunnel!

All of us started the new year “2021” with the hope of resilience in our own sectors; but time and again, the second wave of COVID along with its mutation made a last straw on our wishful thinking. 

Battery of questions were short circuited in everyone’s mind on how to take ourselves to each tomorrow let-off in the skin of our teeth from this behemoth, which locked the doors of joy. 

Every industry was supposed to revisit their vision & mission to do as the Romans; and find their way to the road to Damascus.

Thereafter, some industries succeeded, some of them lost so-near-yet-so-far, some failed at their clean state – WORLD LISTENS ONLY THE SUCCESS STORIES – even failures of successors are only valid for inspiration!

We, as 3D printer manufacturers & service providers – purely a society of non-IT, took this as a fighting chance – bent over backwards on every effort to stay in the right direction, pan out the new culture that gives strength-to-strength, finally it’s in the bag – just opening the sesame of success.

The BER months…

After a rip-roaring financial year, a back-to-back summer & monsoon held our hands with the key of success and brought us to the ground of Autumn – in other words, “the BER months”.

As mentioned earlier, WORLD LISTENS ONLY THE SUCCESS STORIES. It’s on Sep 09, 2021 – we’re on cloud nine –  The Policy Times & World Business Council organized the talk-show on “India as A Global Hub in Printing, Packaging and Manufacturing”; invited our respectful Managing Director, Mr Tej Prakash Jain, to share his expertise and shed some light on the niche. 

On Oct 24, 2021 in Spain, Mr Tej Prakash Jain, MD, Monotech Systems and Mr Rajesh Mrithyunjayan, VP, 3D Monotech weaved their magic, along with Mr Ángel Llavero, CEO, Meltio , and inked a Monotech – Meltio Partnership. Full of the joys of spring in the month of Autumn!

On Dec 02, 2021 at Formnext, three cheers for our think tank – Mr Tej Prakash Jain, MD, Monotech Systems & Mr Rajesh Mrithyunjayan, VP, 3D Monotech Systems – for bringing the worth its weight in gold deal with XJet “Monotech to represent XJet in India”, sharing the frame with Mr Dror Danai, XJet CBO and Lior Meron, XJet Regional APJ.

Drop the Catch-22

Boosting with our bagging success, we’re welcoming 2022 with bells on to keep the wheels turning.