Advancing the Science of Passive RF Components

Advancing the Science of Passive RF Components

Discover the Advantages of Additive Manufacturing for Passive RF

Explore how engineers at major OEMs, suppliers, and research institutions have designed and proven passive radio frequency (RF) applications for ground and space with additive manufacturing (AM).​ With AM, critical RF applications benefit from reduced volume, mass, and integration time; lower part counts; and flexible manufacturing, among other advantages.

​3D Systems’ Application Innovation Group (AIG) has partnered with OEMs since 2015 to develop and qualify new additively manufactured passive RF applications. Each qualified process becomes fully transferable and scalable for the OEM and their long-term supply base.

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  • Real world examples of successful RF applications with AM
  • How to de-risk AM application development in RF
  • End-to-end metal and polymer AM solutions for Aerospace & Defense

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