Your Additive Manufacturing 2.0 Journey in Aerospace

Markforged – Your Additive Manufacturing 2.0 Journey in Aerospace starts Now

Wednesday, September 7, 2022 08:30 AM IST

The manufacturing industry is going through its biggest change in over a hundred years, fueled by supply chain challenges, shifts in customer demands and rising costs, forcing manufacturers to explore radically new ways of creating and capturing value. The future of making involves the ability to respond quickly leveraging digital inventories, reducing costs and lead times while adding more customer value through customization.

Hear from Markforged Directors, Engineers and Customers how to leverage Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace and come see the biggest, fastest, and most sophisticated 3D printer Markforged has ever built. The FX20 is capable of printing high-temperature thermoplastic parts with continuous carbon fiber for high-strength parts at the click of a button. And it delivers improved performance and consistency to unlock the most demanding manufacturing and end-use applications.

Talk with the experts and get answers to all of your questions about Industry challenges and Markforged’s next-generation platform: The FX20.

Join us for this Makers Livestream to learn:

  • How to build an Additive 2.0 Strategy for the Aerospace Industry.
  • How thousands of business keep ahead of the curve in the aviation and drone industry with Additive Manufacturing.
  • Discover faster routes available to overcome Supply Chain issues in the aerospace industry.
  • Unleash the Freedom of Design in R&D.
  • 2022 Aerospace Manufacturing trends and how these impact your business.
  • Discover how Innovation is accelerated with Additive Manufacturing.
  • Detailed 3D printing Applications for Aerospace and UAV’s.
  • Why BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER is important in the aviation industry.

About Markforged:

Markforged was founded in 2013 on the belief that additive manufacturing can transform how entire industries operate. The Digital Forge, continues to make that possible. The Digital Forge is cloud-based, AI-powered, and always improving. It combines software, 3D printers, and materials to be seamlessly connected. This empowers engineers and designers to go from design to fully functional industrial parts more efficiently.

Markforged’s mission is to reinvent manufacturing today so you can build anything you imagine tomorrow.

About the Speakers:

Adrian Leach

CEO, Skyport

Adrian is an experienced executive with long history of providing a broad range of executive skills including innovation, IT & T, Technology Security into the Board Room.

Richard Elving

Senior Director, Asia-Pacific, Markforged

Richard leads Markforged business in South Asia-Pacific, he has over 15 years of hands-on experience of sales leadership and business management, from the manufacturing industry, working with over 5000 manufacturers to date.

Abhishek Malik

Applications Engineer, ANZ,  Markforged

Abhishek leads the Applications Engineering team in Australia & New Zealand, a mechanical engineer with a passion for innovation, sustainability and a wealth of hands-on knowledge in additive manufacturing.

Adrian Leach

Adrian Leach

CEO, Skyport

Richard Elving

Senior Director, Asia Pacific Markforged

Industrial 3D Printer

Abhishek Malik

Application Engineer – ANZ, Markforged

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