metal 3D Printer

Meltio M450 Deep Dive webinar

Wednesday, March 23 at 8:30 pm IST

Meltio is bringing to you an insightful webinar about their turn-key metal 3D printing solution, the Meltio M450! Get to know the multi-metal DED 3D printer that allows users to produce high-density metal parts in a single-step process on a very compact footprint. In this webinar, Meltio’s Head of R&D, Lukas Hoppe, and Technical Support Director, Amanda Paunil are going to dive deep into the following topics:

  • An intro to Meltio and their cutting-edge wire LMD technology
  • The value propositions of the Meltio M450 and their development goals
  • Key features and technical specifications
  • 3D printing workflow and demo
  • A showcase of real-life applications

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