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An Exclusive Additive Manufacturing Program on Composites 

Date: Wednesday Nov 23, 2022,
Time: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm,
Venue: FORT- SIPCOT Industrial Innovation Centre, Hosur.


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“We’re able to take prototype parts into a meeting and show what the finished parts may look like.”

– Jeff Cavins, Mechanical Engineer, Brooks Automation

Functional Rapid Prototyping with Centor

Centor manufactures custom doors for both commercial and residential applications. Before engaging on a product run, each door required a proof of concept prototype with in-house machinists creating low volume component runs. This product prototyping process was expensive, slow, and led to inconsistent quality.

Adding 3D printing into the workflow, allowed Centor to create an efficient rapid prototyping process that was 93% faster and reduced costs by 99%. Now, the 3D printer runs nearly 24/7, giving the product development process for Centor a huge boost and the ability to redirect resources to large production runs and let the rapid prototyping run smoothly, with a focus on design iteration.

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